To S. Martin with Renato De paola among coral, ivories and cameos in the sign of the history, of the art and of the passion.

Corriere del Mezzogiorno :

In San Martino with De Paola time seems to have stopped in the name of the cameo and coral art and Naples artistic and productive capital yet.

In San Martino Renato De Paola between coral and ivory cameos..

Since 1932, in Via Caccavello, on behalf of the history, art and passion with Cameo Factory Paola.

Focus on the cameos of author, from Japan to S.Elmo to film Mr. Alfredo, magician of the carving and end portraitist.

Il Mattino :

Japan to St. Elmo movie Alfredo De Paola, magician and fine portrait sculpture.

Focus on cameos author.

It is Cameo mode, a masterpiece born from the sea.

Il Mattino :

It is "Cameo mode, a masterpiece born from the sea


Engravers De Paola, portraits in a cameo, Eisenhower and the Pope.

Cammeo De Paola for the President of the United States of America.

Aziende e Dinastie :

Engravers De Paola, portrayed in a cameo: Eisenhower and Pope.

The cameo of shell of Alfredo De Paola delivered to the Pope.

la Repubblica NAPOLI :

The visit of Pope John Paul II
In the city of cardboard.